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Dear NYFS Supporters:

I am excited to share that NYFS is continuing to grow and meet the challenges of these current times with energy, spirit, and creativity. As we enter the new year, we have so much to reflect on and be grateful for, most of all our incredibly skilled and dedicated staff. And our staff continues to grow! We are welcoming new therapy providers into our clinic and on our school-based sites to meet the expanded needs for mental health treatment in our community.

I have gotten the opportunity these last couple of months to connect with our municipal partners and have seen firsthand the dedication to youth and family services in our communities. It is powerful to see the degree of alignment and support across our region as we tackle the public health crisis of youth mental health. I have found it startling to witness the severity and intensity of youth mental health needs at this time. As a youth provider for many years, I have never seen anything like it. At NYFS, we continue to find creative ways to use our resources as effectively as possible to ensure access to care by addressing financial, linguistic, cultural, and logistical barriers.

Angela Lewis-Dmello

I am also thrilled to share that NYFS recently revised our mission statement and developed organizational values. Our new mission statement conveys to a greater degree what we hope to accomplish at NYFS: “Transforming lives by ensuring access to care that nurtures healing, cultivates community, and inspires hope.” Our values help guide us; they set our priorities and define our expectations for one another. They also give us a set of guardrails to ensure that the practices we live out each day are in deep alignment. They give us a sense of pride for who we are and how we succeed together.

NYFS continues to work hard to build back following the pandemic. Any amount that you can contribute to help us achieve that goal is appreciated. Thank you for your continued support.

Angie Lewis-Dmello
NYFS President & CEO



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