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NYFS Mental Health Clinic staff continuously learn and grow to increase their ability to offer a wide range of services that offer healing and hope to our culturally rich and diverse community.

However, there is one troubling commonality. A recent survey revealed that 75% of the clients we see have witnessed and/or experienced some form of trauma or abuse. Addressing and working toward healing from these experiences is central to the therapeutic experience and NYFS has recently added more therapists who specialize in art, play and family therapy to better serve clients – especially younger ones.

“NYFS is one of the few community-based mental health clinics in our region equipped to serve clients as young as four who have experienced trauma and/or abuse,” says Mental Health Director Sarah Lockhart. “Play and art therapy are great for all ages but are particularly useful for young children who may not yet have the words to express what they have experienced or are feeling.” This focus on increasing the depth and breadth of expertise among mental health staff will continue as we seek to add even more therapists to meet the demand for services.

“When we get that call from a new client, we know which therapist will best meet their unique needs,” Sarah says. “And we will continue to enrich and diversify our offerings so we can meet emerging needs in the future.”

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