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“It’s never a waste of time to come in or call,” says NYFS Restoring Power Advocate Lexa Hamon. “Sometimes abuse is hard to spot at first. But if you think it might be happening to you, please reach out.”  

NYFS’ new Restoring Power program supports victim-survivors who have experienced a range of abusive behaviors from others, including emotional, psychological, physical, technological, and sexual violence.  Advocates often work in conjunction with Restoring Power Therapists to provide a deeper level of care to clients. The program serves all ages and is offered free of charge due to a multi-year grant from the State Office of Justice Programs.  

Lexa says offering these services without charge is particularly important for victim-survivors who are worried about having enough financial resources to leave an abusive situation.  

Advocates often with preparing victim impact statements and securing restraining orders or orders for protection. They can also help with safety planning, accessing resources, and working with the legal system to address custody issues. Lexa says she likes the team-based approach because each client’s situation is complex and addressing issues like shame and self-blame helps victim survivors take the actions they need to support their healing and safety. “Nothing you do or did ever justifies abuse. Period.” 

While in-person services are available, Lexa adds that the Restoring Power program is also available to clients who are wary of coming into the office. “That first visit can be hard,” she says. “Sometimes it just doesn’t feel safe to come in yet or the problem becomes much more real when you walk through the door.”  

Regardless of how clients choose to reach out, she encourages anyone who thinks they could be helped by the Restoring Power program to reach out by visiting our website or calling 651-486-3808. 

“You don’t have to worry about how to pay for services, you won’t be judged, and you will have power over your plans for safety and healing.” 

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