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Mental Health Day Treatment for Middle and High School Youth

Our Day Treatment program serves middle and high school youth in a group setting who have mental health needs that impair daily functioning and cannot be successfully treated in weekly outpatient psychotherapy visits. Group settings are thoughtfully facilitated and allow for individual attention to each client’s needs. 

Youth receive longer-term intensive support but can remain in their homes and communities while accessing a broad range of services for themselves – and their families when appropriate. Length of treatment in day treatment programming is on average 9 months to 1 year of participating in programming. Educational services may also be available through the Mounds View School District to help ensure continuity of the academic learning process while onsite for mental health programming. Client’s attend half-day group services and have the option to attend half-day educational services.

The Day Treatment group program includes one hour of group therapy and two hours of group skills:

  • Up to 12 middle school youth enrolled in an in-person, half or full day program with education services at NYFS’ Shoreview office Monday through Friday.
  • Up to 12 high school youth enrolled in an in-person, half or full day program with education services at NYFS’ Shoreview office Monday through Friday.

In addition to group services, clients receive:

  • At least an hour of weekly individual psychotherapy sessions
  • Family meetings at least monthly, and up to twice per month

NYFS is Now Accepting Referrals for New Clients

Start your journey here and connect with our Senior Program Assistant.

How Can I Get Day Treatment for My Child?

Step 1: Contact Our Senior Program Assistant

Please call the Senior Program Assistant at  651-379-3432 to learn more about openings and inquire about a tour of our therapeutic spaces.  
You can also download the day treatment referral form.

Step 2: Discuss Your Goals with Us

The Senior Program Assistant will contact you to discuss our programming, referral information, and schedule tours and walk you through our intake process. You will also receive directions to our clinic locations.

Step 3: Take a Tour

During an informational tour, you and your child will get to know about program goals and guidelines and see all the spaces where half and full day programming occur. After completion of a tour, our care team will work closely with you to determine if our programming is the right fit for your child and if so, schedule an intake.

Step 4: Complete an Intake Meeting

During the intake meeting, you and your child will get to know your assigned therapist, continue to discuss goals for treatment, challenges, ask about life experiences, and start making plans to meet your goals.

Step 5: Determine Your Child’s Start Date

Following completion of the intake, your assigned therapist and our day treatment senior program assistant will work with you to determine your child’s start date in the program and provide information to support you in scheduling ongoing transportation for your child to and from daily programming.

How Can I Pay for Day Treatment Services?

Day Treatment services may be covered by private insurance, Medical Assistance or TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act). Families may have a co-pay with their private insurance. Educational services may be included free of charge through the Mounds View School District if your child meets eligibility criteria to maintain academic progress but can be declined by a parent or caregiver.

Start Today

Please call 651-379-3432 for more information about the enrollment process, set up a tour of the therapeutic spaces, and get help with insurance options. The Day Treatment referral form (also available above in “Step 1: Contact Our Senior Program Assistant”) will help start the process and can be faxed to 651-379-3400.

“We strive to be open, understanding, flexible and give one another grace. That transforms into putting client and family needs at the center of the healing journey.”

LaTarsha Bronaugh – Day Treatment Therapist
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