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NYFS is a trauma informed agency. This means that we understand the prevalence of experiences of trauma in the general population, and that many mental health and physical health concerns arise out of stressful and traumatic life experiences. We see Trauma Informed Care (TIC) as a Universal Precaution – the changes to care to ensure it is trauma responsive are positive changes for all clients, not just those with trauma histories. Trauma responsive services create a more intentional, healing, creative, and therapeutic environment for all people who come in contact with NYFS. 

Our commitment to trauma responsive care means that:

  • In services we center client choice, transparency, collaboration, clear, direct, and honest communication, authenticity, and holistic healing as core practices.
  • All staff and interns are trained on the neurobiology of trauma, the effects of trauma, and trauma-informed care approaches.
  • Therapy staff are trained in trauma interventions across the lifespan and for a variety of types of trauma.
  • Our physical space is trauma informed which includes cleanliness, the aesthetic, amenities, wayfinding signage, etc. 
  • We have a trauma-informed intake process for clients to access care and recognize the importance of client fit with their provider to ensure effective outcomes. 
  • We attend to staff experiences of secondary trauma, vicarious trauma, and burnout to enhance their ability to work sustainably. All staff receive training and support in this. 
  • We have a trauma informed care committee and a wellness committee that help to continue to enhance our practices as an agency. 

Trauma Treatment 

NYFS helps clients move through any stage of trauma healing across our services, including Judith Herman’s Triphasic Model Stages:

  • Safety and Stabilization: Helping clients to access all needed resources including advocacy, case management, legal support, housing support, basic needs, and medical and dental care. In this stage we are also focused on coping with difficult symptoms and regulating our bodies.
  • Remembrance and Mourning: Helping clients to process the traumatic memories in order to reduce symptoms and increase functioning. Then, to process any grief the client has from losses, transitions, or changes in their life and future that arose because of the trauma(s). 
  • Reconnection: Helping the client reconnect with their full identity, body, social supports, and a new sense of meaning and purpose in life. 

NYFS trains its providers in a variety of trauma treatment interventions, centering practices that are culturally responsive. The following are our core trauma treatment:

Feel encouraged to talk with your provider, ask questions, and let your provider know what you need!

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